Sunday, 8 January 2017


                                      FRIED YAM WITH EGG SAUCE
Came back from work so tired and exhausted step inside the parlor saw my dad  with some friends, all that came to my mind was what to serve them for dinner, entered the kitchen all i could see was yam, open the fridge saw some fresh egg, and all i needed was something very quick and delicious, so i picked up the yam, washed my hands and started making it. But trust me it was quick and delicious that they demanded for more.
Why not give it a trial, because is so easy to prepare.


Half tuber of yam
1 Green pepper
4 Scotch fresh pepper
6 Plum of tomatoes
1 Red onions
1 and half cup of Vegetable oil
2 Eggs

                                         METHOD FOR FRYING YAM
Slice your half tuber of yam and cut to desired shape out in a bowl and wash clean
Add half teaspoon of salt to your washed yam and set aside.
Place your frying pan on fire and add 1 cup of vegetable oil allow to heat for about 8 minutes then start adding your sliced yam to the oil allow to fry for about 10 or 15 minutes or till it turns brown then remove the yam chips from the oil.
Fry the rest.

                                            METHOD FOR EGG SAUCE
 Wash your fresh tomato, fresh scotch pepper, onions, and green pepper and slice all in small bowl. Then break your eggs and add it to your sliced ingredient and add a little pinch of salt and whisk very well. Place your frying pan on fire then add a half cup of oil allow to heat for about 5 minutes pour in your whisk egg and fry for about 10 minutes then bring down. And turn of the burner.
Sauce is ready serve with your fried yam.

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